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About Us

A Short Story About 

"cookies by mudge"

I just barely started this business out of my home in February of 2020 and am in the process of building this website and my customer base.  I have a passion for creativit​y and baking and these unique and elegant cookies are exciting and fun to make!  At the moment, I am only filling a handful of cookie orders for each holiday.  As I grow, so will my ability to fulfill more orders!

It's important to us that our cookies not only look amazing, but that they taste fresh and delicious!  All of our cookies are "made-to-order," which means that we can only accept 3-5 orders each week (depending on the size of the orders.)  

It's also important to us that we offer products that are made from real ingredients (local and organic, if possible) and that our packaging is eco-friendly.  We use reusable, recyclable, and compostable packaging, including cello bags made from the starches of plants. 


Good Quality

Our cookies and frostings use only real, pure ingredients (organic and local when available.)

Clean Equipment

We are meticulous about cleaning the equipment and tools we use to make our cookies as well as the rooms where we bake and decorate our cookies!

Artistic Staff

Our staff are creative and artistic in just about everything they undertake, including making and decorating our AMAZING cookies!

Affordable Price

Our cookies are time-intensive, but we offer them at an affordable price.  We KNOW you'll love them once you take a bite, so we offer "first order pricing" to encourage you to place your 1st order!

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