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Frequently Asked Questions 

On this page, you'll find some of the more frequently asked questions we've received along with our responses.  Of course, if you have a question that isn't answered here, just What is us via email @ and we'll be happy to respond!


What is the minimum I can order?

There is no minimum order but the best deal is a baker's dozen - 12 paid & 1 free. I'm running a special right now - "1st order pricing" that is basically 25% off your 1st order - $30 for the baker's dozen.  See the "Prices and Ordering" page for more information.


Do you decorate the cookies by hand?

Yes... but I use tools to do it... After the cookies are baked and cooled, I top-coat them with a smooth layer of frosting. When they are completely dry (overnight) I use an airbrush, food safe coloring, and stencils to apply the basic design. When they are dry, (2-3 hours later), I use stencils and royal icing to apply accents, words, and phrases. Again after that dries (2-3 hours) I apply the dots with Piping bags and royal icing... It's a process that takes time and something can go wrong at virtually every step, so there are cookies that don't make the cut!


Do you ship your cookies?

We can ship cookies, but it is relatively expensive.  To ship a baker's dozen cookies, we add $12.00 in shipping and handling costs to the order.  In addition, we need at least 8 business days notice — 5 to make the cookies and 3 to account for shipping.


Do you have a Gluten-Free Option?

Yes... It took us several attempts to find the PERFECT gluten-free recipe for our delicious cookies, but we found one that tastes just as amazing as our non gluten-free cookies!  They are light and fluffy and not at all "grainy," as many gluten-free recipes tend to be.


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